Ma Vie En Photos 003: Kitchen Edition

This post is waaaay past due. My other and I bought a house back in 2009. The listing for the house was as follows:

Move-in ready 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath home in a convenient location.  With a minimum amount of TLS [sic], this will make a nice starter home or investment property.

Allow me to breakdown the realtor speak:

There's nothing great or worth mentioning about this house other than the fact that you could move in if you can deal with its dated, hodge-podge interior. The location is made convenient because one of the busiest streets in your area is right in your backyard.  The word "minimum" is used at liberty and is subject to interpretation. "TLS" was the intended acronym and is short for "Tears, Labor and Sweat".  This will be a nice starter home because as a first time buyer, your expectations should be lower.  Investors: this is a steal 'cause you won't have to live in it.

Despite my fluency in "realtor-ese" we bought the house anyway.  Oy vey. There's a lot of work to be done and a lot to cover, but for this first post about my home, we'll focus on the kitchen.

The kitchen when we bought the house had the original cabinets from the late 1950's that were complemented by a mustard countertop. There was a weird soffit, broken stove, peeling linoleum and a junky fan.  Impressive!

One day a friend stopped by to check out our newly acquired home.  She was so moved by the appalling nature of my kitchen, that we had an impromptu demolition session.  Bless her heart--if we hadn't done the demo then, we knows when it would've happened.

Phase One: Remove cabinetry.  (The ugly aluminum shade outside the window has also been removed. Thank goodness!)

Another view of the mess.

This is where the oven was.  Goodbye!

This is the subflooring after the linoleum was torn out.

There's no photographic evidence of the tear out of the lower cabinets since we were apparently having a ton of fun applying blunt force trauma to those scary cabinets.  We were surprised to find gravel under the cabinet bases.  Gravel.

With the demo complete, it was on to my favorite part: designing and shopping!  We wanted something fresh, modern and unique.  I love, love, love this stage--there's something about creating and executing a vision that is really gratifying.  I certainly enjoy picking paint chips more than painting.

I'm very fortunate to have AMAZING in-laws and friends who helped us tremendously through the kitchen renovation process.  This could have never happened  without them.

Here's one of the only progress shots we have. All new cabinets, paint, soffit, hood, and recessed lighting.

And here's the after shots after we installed the flooring, countertop, appliances, lighting fixtures, decorations and furniture.

We still have some things to check off the list before we're finished: Tile backsplash, under cabinet lighting, perhaps a new kitchen table.  And maybe one day I'll get to ironing and hemming those curtains...