hitting the mark

Sometimes I come across things that are appealing...but don't quite hit the mark.  I love the idea of this shirt from Aritzia.com, but I'm no cat lady: mott t-shirt

So I took matters into my own hands and created a personalized version of my essentials (in a font I created of my handwriting) and I'm getting this baby screen printed onto a shirt stat:


I just gotta be me.  Why settle for less?

onward + upward,

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the best is yet to come


Better late than never?  I'm not usually a fan of that saying (I'm more of a "never be late" sort of gal), but considering this is my first post for 2013 (!) and it's nearly September, I'll give it a go.  I've been in a bit of a holding pattern this year, but I'm devising an escape plan... and what better escape than travel?

For my 30th birthday (Dirty 30? Flirty 30?  There has to be better words that rhyme with 30) and fifth wedding anniversary I'm heading back to Paris.  As a special bonus, we're also going to Dublin.  Nothing gets me more excited than the prospect of traveling and I'm grateful for the opportunity to distract myself from work-work and other work for once.  Travel requires planning AND organization, and if you know me I love making lists.

So here's a visual packing list for my upcoming trip.  If there's something I love just as must as list making, it's buying things, ogling things, and researching things.  I actually own most of the items on this list already (some items may have been acquired recently... don't judge me!).

So clearly, I'm into black and my style hasn't evolved much in the last 5-10 years.  But this is seriously my packing list for our two week trip:
  • Three Blouses (Checkered Top, Button Up, Peplum)
  • Two Trapeze Tanks (Black & Cream)
  • Two T-Shirts
  • Two Sweaters ( Black 3/4 sleeve, Grey Tunic...I may nix the Black one)
  • Three Cardigans (Patterned, Black and Chartreuse)
  • Two Dresses  (I may nix the 3/4 sleeve one)
  • One Skirt
  • One Tunic
  • Two Jackets (Moto & Light Parka)
  • Two Pants (Boyfriend Jeans & Cropped Black)
  • Two pairs of Leggings
  • 4 pairs of Shoes
  • 3 Scarves
  • One hat
  • Pajamas
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Statement Jewelry (not as shown, but similar)
  • Bright Lipstick

So I'm on the hunt for a motorcycle jacket, circle skirt, and ankle boots.  I'll consider them early birthday presents.

I'm just going to pretend that 2013 doesn't officially begin until my birthday.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

Onward + Upward,

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DreSSed 003: Enviable Little Kid Style

I've often said I don't want to have kids.  But secretly I do imagine having a little girl that's a carbon copy of myself--only smarter, prettier, and more successful (whatever that means) while not being a creep of a mother who lives vicariously through her child and causes years of therapy.  While carrying a parasite on my insides for 9 months (too harsh? see, I'm unfit for children...) seems like an eternity to me and the idea of giving birth would make me voluntarily pull my own teeth out instead, there is that certain part of me that still thinks, "maybe."  I'll blame that on biology.

Often times when I tell people I'm (most likely) not going to have kids, their response is almost always, "but your kids would be so cute!"   Cuteness doesn't make up for lost sleep, dirty diapers, temper tantrums and a lost sense of identity.  I'm not naysaying all the parents out there or anyone's choice to have children.  Hell, I do believe that YOUR lives are more fulfilled, enriched and complete with kids--that your capacity of love has exponentially increased in ways that you didn't think were possible (or so I've been told).  I say this with no amount of sarcasm: Good for you.  I just think it may not be right for ME.

But considering everything my psychic said has eerily rang true thus far, it may be in the cards for me anyway. Well technically, she told my husband she saw kids in his future--so I like to think that provides me with a convenient out.

If I were to indulge in a fantasy world wherein I do have a little girl, I imagine her dressed like the adorable Alia Wang:

Maybe my want to give something "good" to the world will result in having a child.  Maybe said child wouldn't be crushed by the tremendous expectation that I as an Asian-ish mother inherently would harbor.  Maybe she'll be bright, caring, worldly, intellectual and funny, strong but not hardened, and do something to make a lasting impact and difference in the world.  Then again, instead she may bring about the end of days, be a cheerleader or socially conservative.

That's a gamble I'm not ready to take.

Maybe it really comes down to the fact that I want to have a wardrobe as chic as Alia Wang's.  Or have Alexander Wang be my uncle.

Who knows...

dressed: 002. Androgyny + Neon.

I've been thinking about a developing a personal style direction. Something to guide me when I shop for clothing, that creates a cohesive and put-together style rather than the hodge-podge assortment of clothing I currently own because they simply (mostly...kinda?) fit.

I keep asking myself what my style is: Feminine edge? Soft industrial? Pseudo goth? Nouveau mod? Who knows. I like black, I like androgyny, I like good shapes.  I can get behind a trend or two each season.

Which brings me to the Neon/Fluorescent trend.

I have mixed feelings about the new "flouro" craze--too much and you just look like a bad nineties throwback... if you're tempted to wear a side pony-tail, you're doing it wrong.  I don't like too much of it, but I think accents can look great.

Fluro My Way

This is how I'd do it.  Black, Gray, Nude and Neon Green.  I would buy everything from that set (if money were no object).

Meanwhile, more than developing a style direction I need to develop a work-out routine.  With my knee almost fully mended, it's time to hit the gym instead of shopping online for clothes that I hope will be waaaaay too big in a few months time.  Nothing makes you look better than being fit.  So I'll start there.

And maybe the reward will be getting the wardrobe I really want.


Squats & sweat,

dressed 001: cabin fever edition

I'm feeling under the weather at the most inconvenient time ever.  Since I've been home bound for the day, I've been online window-shopping in between neti pot sessions and sips of hot tea.  The most productive thing I've done today was dye my hair. Observe:

My hair dying technique is very professional, as demonstrated by my use of a Target bag.

I digress. Back to the online shopping.  These are some things that caught my eye:

Some Dresses from Zara:

(I did buy the second dress. Shhh.)

This amazing necklace by Three Horses:

(The Other bought this one for me from Fab.) 

I'm saving my pennies for these Vince Camuto boots.  I'll have them in time for Fall 2015, I'm sure.

I think I may just get these frames from Warby Parker, too bad they don't make lenses for my terrible eyes...but they will give a pair of glasses to someone in need.  How cool is that?

That's all for now.  My sinuses beckon for more neti pot.