A Happy Unbirthday.

Today is my half-birthday! Yes, I do celebrate my half-birthday (I'll find any reason to celebrate and have a good time).

I have a few traditions for my half-birthday:

  • I mentally round up my age (31!). I'm not hung on up getting older--I don't think it's anything to be afraid of or hide and I'm proud to wear it like a badge. I feel like mentally adjusting my age helps me to take ownership of my life and get back in the driver's seat if I've somehow strayed or lost myself somewhere along the way.
  • I take time to reflect and look back. I don't like to dwell in the past, but I think it's important to look back and appreciate how far we have come instead of always looking at how far we want to go. I go through pictures on my computer to help remind me or I find somewhere quiet to have personal time. This is about giving credit to myself, which I often neglect.
  • I set goals and milestones. I know that many people use New Year's to make resolutions, but I find that those don't stick. For me, setting goals and milestones is about setting realistic goals that are achievable. The last think we need is something else to beat ourselves up with.
  • I assess and revise my one, three, and five year plan. Look, life happens. We all have successes and failures, but we tend to dwell on the latter. When it comes to any plan, revisions happen and revisions are necessary. When it comes to assessing my life plans, it's about measuring progress and identifying weaknesses. This is about keeping myself focused on achieving my dreams and determining if my dreams have changed. If I find myself saying, "I wish I could __________" I know I have to pay attention and really determine why I'm saying "I wish I could" instead of "I am going to".
  • I treat myself. This doesn't have to be anything extravagant--buying a small trinket, a bouquet of flowers, or an extra large dessert.

Speaking of goals, here's one I'll share: Blog more.

So for the other 364 days out of the year: Have a happy unbirthday.

Onward and upward,