Victory Lap: Thirty Before 30

I've hit what I like to call the victory lap of my 20's: today I'm 29.

At 15, I said I wouldn't live past 30. Not because I had a prediction about my untimely death, I was just a smart-ass teenager who thought that 30 was old and life wouldn't be worth living once you were "old".  Now that I'm on the brink of 30, I certainly don't feel old and I feel more excited about the possibilities that life presents.  Unlike many women, I look forward to 30 (and beyond).

Look at this this way: I've really only been a certifiable adult for about a decade (or "a dolt", as my smart-ass teenage self would have said). If I take into account all the experiences and what I've achieved over the last 10 years, I feel proud of myself.  But it really isn't about the things that I've done, or what I have, or achieving a certain station of success--it's that I really like me and I really like who I'm becoming.

A good part of my twenties was spent: 1.Beating myself up for the things I didn't do or accomplish, 2. Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, 3. Wallowing in uncertainty, and 4. Comparing myself to others. I'm proud to say that's not who I am anymore.  And even if all I achieved in my twenties was overcoming those four things, I'd still be pretty damned proud of myself. But I still have another year to live up my twenties and do more. And that's exactly that I intend on doing.

Without further ado, my Thirty Before 30: (in no particular order)

1. Get stronger & healthier//Lose 65 lbs

2. Run 5k//10k//Half Marathon

3. Go Skiing

4. Become a more committed blogger

5. Launch Inkblot & Bard

6. Launch Undistinguished Americans

7. Launch New Business Venture (stay tuned!)

8. Volunteer 60+ Hours

9. Organize a charity event//Raise money for charity

10. Remodel Bathroom

11. Plant a Garden

12. Complete a 365 Project

13. Learn to Sew (...more than a straight line)

14. Learn to Watercolor Paint

15. Write a Novella (30,000+ words)

16. Visit 5 new museums

17. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

18. See a Vegas or Broadway Show

19. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

20. Go Horseback Riding

21. Go Camping

22. Read 12 Classic Books

23. Watch 12 Classic Movies

24. Become more fluent in Spanish or French

25. Speak at a Public Engagement

26. Join a Group focused on something I value//Be more engaged//Make new friends

27. Collect 2 New Tattoos

28. Hire a Professional Photographer for a photo shoot

29. Indulge in a Spa Day

30. Splurge on a Designer accessory

I'm really energized by this list.  I think it's a grand finale of my twenties and a great lead-in for my thirties.

My twenties were good for figuring out who I was, I'll spend my thirties becoming the person I want to be.

Onward and upward,