dressed: 002. Androgyny + Neon.

I've been thinking about a developing a personal style direction. Something to guide me when I shop for clothing, that creates a cohesive and put-together style rather than the hodge-podge assortment of clothing I currently own because they simply (mostly...kinda?) fit.

I keep asking myself what my style is: Feminine edge? Soft industrial? Pseudo goth? Nouveau mod? Who knows. I like black, I like androgyny, I like good shapes.  I can get behind a trend or two each season.

Which brings me to the Neon/Fluorescent trend.

I have mixed feelings about the new "flouro" craze--too much and you just look like a bad nineties throwback... if you're tempted to wear a side pony-tail, you're doing it wrong.  I don't like too much of it, but I think accents can look great.

Fluro My Way

This is how I'd do it.  Black, Gray, Nude and Neon Green.  I would buy everything from that set (if money were no object).

Meanwhile, more than developing a style direction I need to develop a work-out routine.  With my knee almost fully mended, it's time to hit the gym instead of shopping online for clothes that I hope will be waaaaay too big in a few months time.  Nothing makes you look better than being fit.  So I'll start there.

And maybe the reward will be getting the wardrobe I really want.


Squats & sweat,