Ma Vie En Photos 001: Hello 2012


As January draws to a close, the New Year is finally looking up for me.  Since December 1st of last year, my life has been colored mostly by this:

And a lot of this:

All because I decided to do this:

Because I was so damn into The Art of Dancing.  Kids, the Charleston c'est dangereux!

Meanwhile, I've discovered you can buy happiness AND it smells delicious. Targét never disappoints:

Work has been made better through moments like this:

I also have an inspiring new workmate at the office:

Stoked about getting these babies in the mail. Thank you for carrying my ridiculously high prescription and charging only 1/4 of my typical costs for glasses:

Started school again this week.  Which means Office! Supplies! Yes, those are color coordinated folders and notebooks. I have a strict one subject, one hue policy.  No, not any notebook will do. Yes, I'm a nerd:

Finally here's me, pretty pleased with life, my haircut, and new shirt:

Onward & upward,

P.S. My knee hurts...