Onward and Upward

Looking back at 2011, I dub it the year of catharsis.  During the course of the year, there seemed to be many more ups than downs.  There were strains in many of my personal relationships. I made a drastic change at work and abandoned a passive career. There was a great loss and difficult news. I pursued a new role I foolheartedly invested in that didn’t come to fruition. My character was challenged, doubted, and tested.  But ultimately I came up ahead.

The year was difficult but I have grown tremendously. I’m stronger, more resilient and more hopeful for the future. I only wish I saw that with more clarity at the time.

And 2011 wasn’t all downs. I went to NYC: rode in death defying taxi-cabs, ate amazing food (some from carts!), wandered around in Central Park, experienced history at Ellis Island, caught a broadway show with Robin Williams and saw Eloise at the Plaza. I got tattooed, once to remind me of the importance of friendship and self-worth and a larger one to symbolize both bravery and vulnerability. Dan turned 30 and we had a Star Wars themed party, complete with Bantu Bites and Princess Leia Cupcakes. I turned 28 and celebrated in Disneyland...again. We celebrated our 10th anniversary together and began our 3rd year as a married couple and I’ve never been more in love.

Ups or downs aside, It was a year of release.  There were emotional hurdles to overcome, feelings of self-doubt to conquer, relationships to strengthen and some to sever.

More than ever in my life, I have so much more hope for 2012 and the years beyond.  After my catharsis, there is clarity.  Rather than search for a theme after the next year concludes, I’m setting the stage now instead:

2012 will be the year of chrysalis, one of focus, purpose, growth, and change that will bring about renewal and transformation.  It will be the first step of fruition--of achieving all I set to accomplish.

2012 will be Effing Fabulous, with two capital F’s.

Onward and upward,